The Public Bio of of Kyle Pratt

Kyle Pratt is the bestselling author of post-apocalyptic, speculative and science fiction novels, novellas and short stories.

His bestselling novel Through Many Fires was released in early August 2013, and earned positions on both the Kindle Science Fiction Post-Apocalyptic list, reaching #10, and the Mystery, Thriller and Suspense list, reaching #39. As recently as December of 2014 Through Many Fires reached the #1 on the Post-Apocalyptic, Military and Dystopian lists.

A Time to Endure was released in December 2014 and quickly earned a spot beside Through Many Fires on as a best seller on Amazon’s war fiction list.  

In January of 2016 all three novels of the Strengthen What Remains series, Through Many Fires, A Time to Endure and Braving the Storms, were on the Amazon War Fiction top-ten list.

Growing up in Colorado

Kyle grew up in the mountains of Colorado before the Internet and out of the range of television and most radio stations. Before moving there he had never read a book, but one day, in a moment of desperation, he picked up a science fiction novel by Robert Heinlein. That was when he was in the eighth grade at West Jefferson Junior High School. Before he graduated from Evergreen High School, Kyle had read every novel Heinlein had written at that time and many other books by Isaac Asimov, Arthur C. Clarke and others. Since that first day he has been a constant reader of both fiction and non-fiction. He went on to earn an Associate in Arts degree from Mesa State College in Grand Junction. 


Marriage & Naval Career

When money for college ran low Kyle joined the United States Navy as a Cryptologic Technician. Kyle thought he would do four years in the navy, and then return to college. Sometimes life doesn’t work out the way we plan. 

His first assignment was with a U.S. Navy unit at the Royal Air Force base in Edzell, Scotland. While on leave in Israel he met Lorraine Best from Plymouth, Devon, England and they married the next year. Together, they spent the remainder of Kyle’s naval career traveling around the world to Guam, Japan, Virginia, Hawaii and other places. 


Teaching and Writing

Even before he retired from the service Kyle was writing short stories. In July of 2012 he released his debut novel, Titan Encounter. Kyle’s second book, Final Duty – The Alien War Anthology, was released in January of 2013 and earned its way onto both the Kindle Science Fiction Anthologies and Short Stories lists the next month. Through Many Fires was released later that year. 

For seven years, Kyle lived and worked as a teacher in the Yup’ik Eskimo village of Eek, Alaska.

At the end of the 2014 school year he retired. Today he lives on a small family farm in Western Washington State where he repairs gates, tends bees, writes fiction or blogs about the future of writing and publishing in the digital age.

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