A writer’s Day

It was a horrid day to be outside; snow, sleet and that cold rain that seems to seep inside of you. 

So, I stayed inside and wrote.  I always feel that I’ve done well after a few hours of writing and this day was no exception.  I did some short story editing, but mainly worked on my upcoming novel. 

In a small bedroom at the back of our apartment behind Eek School I have a cheap particleboard desk.  The desk is old and broken, but it holds a laptop and notepaper at the right height for me to use.  It is there, away from distractions, that I write. 

My next novel starts on the night of the State of the Union address.  A terrorist nuclear attack that night kills the President, his cabinet, the Vice President, senators, representatives, Supreme Court Justices and the Joint Chiefs of Staff as they gather for the President’s speech.  After witnessing the destruction of the capital city, Caden Westmore embarks on a journey to his boyhood home in Washington State, but over the next few days terrorists attack other cities and society starts to unravel.

The idea of determined terrorists striking a serious blow to the nation has concerned me for some time.  That concern became the premise of the next novel.  I’ve given the novel the working title TEOTWAWKI—The End Of The World As We Know It.  I’m currently writing chapter 19.

I expect to name the novel and release it next summer.