Chrome Experiments

Teachers don’t just work during the school day. 

The vast majority put in many more hours.  Yesterday I was working in my classroom for about six hours, updating grades, making lesson plans and photocopying materials.  While I was working I was playing a podcast about current technology called This Week in Google.  The name is a bit misleading as they talk about a wide variety of cloud technologies on the program.  One thing they just mentioned was a site called Chrome Experiments and some of the fun and interesting projects on display there.  I was intrigued and visited the site. 

Weird Kyle Pratt

This weird picture of me is taken using an experiment called Webcam Displacement.  Another experiment that I found particularly interesting is 100,000 stars.  It is an interactive star map of our neighborhood of the galaxy.  I can definitely use it while writing future science fiction stories.  There are currently 541 projects on the site.  While they don’t say it specifically, these are Chrome experiments and you will need the Google Chrome browser, which is free, to use the projects. 

Perhaps I would have finished my work sooner if I hadn’t paused to examine these projects, but I’m glad I did.