Current Project

Today, I'm rereading and editing three short stories that I wrote while in I was in the navy. 

I want to release them in 2013 as an anthology.  The first story in this group, The Promise, was written while I was on deployment with the USS Sterett (CG-31) in the western Pacific.  I’m certain that writing this story while living in the confined grayness of a navy ship gave it an added sense of realism.  

While it is set in the far distant future and in space, it remains a story of sailors, separation and homecoming.  Here is the opening paragraph of The Promise.

Do the souls of soldiers who die in war linger on the battlefield or do they return home with their body?  Do the spirits of the dead in space return home or drift forever between worlds?  No one can say with certainty, but I believe I now know the answer.”

Two of the other stories would be in the military science fiction genre.  

Final Duty is a novella length story set aboard a reconnaissance vessel stranded behind enemy lines when an explosion damages their Bias Drive. 

A young man wakes up and discovers he is the new guy in a army unit on an alien world in Infinite Darkness

I’m hoping to have this collection out in the first half of 2013.