Christmas with the family

I plan to leave Eek, Alaska, on Thursday and with a little bit of luck, be home in Washington State for Christmas.

Leaving Eek during the winter is always an iffy proposition.  Since we travel in small bush planes if it is too foggy or windy we can’t fly, but, fortunately, the weather should be good on Thursday.  However, the runway lights are broken at the airfield and no one seems to be able to fix them so we must leave during daylight.  There isn’t a lot of day up here right now.  

The school closes for very few holidays and does not take a spring break so we are able to take a three week vacation for Christmas.  In addition to enjoying time with family, I’ll want to finalize plans for the release of Final Duty – The Alien War Anthology.  I’ll meet with the Micah Hansen, who is doing the cover design, and reviewing the last minute editorial changes.  Finally I’ll sit down my senior editor, my wife, and ensure we are both happy with the final product.  If we are I’ll set a release date at that time.

I’m hoping Final Duty will be available on Amazon in January.