The day has arrived

At long last the day has arrived. My book, Titan Encounter, is now available on Kindle.

From the Amazon.com page;

"Justin starts one morning as a respected businessman and ends the day a fugitive wanted by every power in the known universe. Fleeing with his ‘sister’ Mara and Naomi, a mysterious woman from Earth Empire, their only hope of refuge is with the Titans, genetically enhanced soldiers who rebelled, and murdered millions in the Titanomachy War."

Many authors say that their spouse is their biggest fan. My wife, Lorraine, most certainly is mine. This book would not exist without her constant encouragement and editing.  Thank you. 

I would also like to thank my friends and fellow writers, Joyce Scott, Robert Hansen, Barbara Blakey and Carolyn Bickel. They taught me so much about the craft of writing.