The Bear

Kyle Pratt - The Bear

As some of you know, this is my sixth year teaching in Eek, a rural Alaskan village.

          School up here starts early, we are already in our third week.  Every student in our small school knows me and I’m pleased to say that I have a good relationship with the students. 

          Earlier this week as I hurried from one class to the next, one of the students, Carlton, was following me saying, “Kyle can I take your picture?  Come on; let me take your picture, okay?” 


          At first I said, “Not now.”  However, he persisted, so I spun around intent on giving him a picture he would remember.

          Carlton was ready and took the shot.

          My expression has garnered many laughs around the school.  My fellow teacher, Dirk, titled it, “Kyle – The Bear,” when he sent me a copy.