Lofty Heights

Today was a good day for my two books, Titan Encounter and Final Duty.

As a new author what I need most of all is for people to read my stories.  I’m confident that if they do read my work they will spread the word and buy later novels.  So, this week I have been promoting Titan Encounter and Final Duty in various ways. 

Yesterday and today (January 22 & 23) I have been offering both books for free on Kindle.  If you are interested in reading them I hope you downloaded them during the promotion.  If not I’ll be offering them for 99 cents tomorrow.

When I last checked over 500 copies of Titan Encounter had been downloaded.  This placed the novel in 871st position for free books downloaded today and, as I mentioned at the start, put it in the number one spot for a Space Opera and also in the number four position in the Science Fiction – Military genre.

The images are screen shots from the Amazon.com website showing my book rankings.  You can click on the images to enlarge them.

Final Duty – The Alien War Anthology did almost as well earning the number two spot, with over 400 downloads, in the anthology category and the number four position in the short story group.  That number four spot was right behind Wool, the bestselling story by Hugh Howey.  I love being in such lofty heights and good company even if it is just for the day and during a free promotion.