Final Duty Free

Final Duty has been redesigned, retitled, re-priced and re-released.

The new title is Final Duty – The Speculative Fiction Anthology. The new book contains everything the old one had, including the title novella Final Duty and the short stories Infinite Darkness and The Promise. However, I’ve added lengthy excerpts from both of my novels, Through Many Fires and Titan Encounter. As future writing projects are completed, I plan to add excerpts of them to this book.

The lowest price an author can set on Amazon is 99 cents, but I want the book to be free for my readers so, I’m giving away the book on Smashwords and Google Play. Amazon is currently matching that price, making it free on their site also and, I expect, Nook and iTunes to soon follow.

So if you’ve been thinking about reading some of my work, but haven’t done so yet, now you can do for free.