Almost Ready

Through Many Fires, my third and latest novel, just moved one step closer to release. 

I’ve been working with Micah Hansen, the graphic designer who has done all my artwork, since March.  He is still working on the back and spine, but yesterday he sent me the cover that you see here. 

As I mentioned, more artwork needs to be done.  Editing is ongoing and the last couple of chapters are still in draft form, but it was exciting to see what the novel will look like. 

Through Many Fires is my third novel.  The first two, Titan Encounter and Final Duty - The Alien War Anthology, were both in the science fiction genre.  However, Through Many Fires is a post-apocalyptic thriller.  In this book, terrorists smuggle a nuclear bomb into Washington D.C. and detonate it during the State of the Union Address.  Army veteran and congressional staffer Caden Westmore is in nearby Bethesda and watches as a mushroom cloud grows over the capital.  The next day, as he drives away from the still burning city, he learns that another city has been destroyed and then another.  America is under siege.  Panic ensues and society starts to unravel.

The novel will be available first on Amazon and then later at Smashwords, Barnes & Noble, and wherever books are sold.