Through Many Fires is Done!

Sort of.  Yesterday, well past my bedtime, I finished writing book one in my new post-apocalyptic series, Through Many Fires.  Unfortunately that doesn’t mean the book is ready for sale.  As the clock ticked toward midnight I emailed the final draft to Barbara, my editor.  For some reason she didn’t get back to me right away, but she has the book.

I then emailed Micah, the graphic designer the final page count.  He needs to know that to determine the spine width of the book and complete the covers.

This morning I emailed the publicity people so they can start writing the press releases and do other marketing.

So, even though the book is written, and the next week will be hectic, I believe we can have the book on the available by August 1st in both paperback and on Kindle.

But—I think I need a vacation.