Titan Paperback

Titan Encounter came out in paperback today.

The sun was shining and all seemed right with the world this morning when I received word that the paperback version of Titan Encounter was out on Amazon.  Thank you to everyone who bought the Kindle version and especially those of you who reviewed it.

Kyle Pratt with the first paperback copies of Titan Encounter

I had written several short stories and a novella earlier, but Titan Encounter was my first venture into full length novels.  To get the story out on Kindle involved a huge amount of work; editing, graphic design and formatting.  For the paperback edition we had to do that all over again.  

However, it was worth the effort.  By the end of the year Titan Encounter should be available in Barnes & Noble and other bookstores.

Now that Titan is done I still can’t rest, my next book, Through Many Fires is scheduled for release in just 23 days.