The Second Edition

Through Many Fires will soon be released in a second edition.

The paperback version of the novel Through Many Fires was not available on Amazon for about 24-hours earlier this week.  I hoped it would be shorter, but it was not unexpected.

Through Many Fires, 2nd Edition

Through Many Fires, 2nd Edition

The reason it was unavailable during that time was that we are preparing for the second edition of the book.  This includes an updated cover, seen here, that makes it clear Through Many Fires is book one of the Strengthen What Remains series and corrects a few text errors that slipped through the editing process. 

We will take the paperback version of the novel down again on Sunday, September 29th and, hopefully have it available again late on Monday.  When the novel is back on Amazon it will be the new, second edition, of the novel.  Updating the Kindle version is much easier, and doesn’t incur any downtime, so it has already been completed.