October Excitement

The month of October is going to be very busy and exciting.

The audiobook version of Through Many Fires is in post-production and should be available late in the month or early in November. 

As the month roles along, we will also be releasing DRM free versions of my books on Smashwords. DRM, or Digital Rights Management, is a form of copyright protection that inhibits readers from sharing books. I want readers to be able to share my books.

The audiobook cover of Through Many Fires

Smashwords is the leading distributor of indie author books and will be handling U.S. and international distribution outside of the Amazon network. 

Because of the Smashwords agreement, during the course of October all of my books will become available on the Nook and Kobo ereaders. Kobo is the dominate reader in Canada as well as parts of Europe and Asia. I’ll make announcements as each book becomes available.

Finally, I’m busy writing the sequel to Through Many Fires. That novel will be titled A Time to endure and will be available sometime in 2014.