Two Months Away from the Big Day

Beta readers are already working over most of the manuscript.

The majority of the writing is done. Now it is just tweaking the plot and editing. But there is still much to be done before the release of A Time to Endure, Strengthen What Remains, book two.

The artwork for the cover, spine and back are done and the preorder page is up on Amazon and Smashwords. Please click on the links, view the pages, and order the book. A Time to Endure will also be available on Nook and Kobo on or near the Amazon release date.

So, what else is left to do?

I write because I enjoy writing and being creative, but once the book is done I have to do the part of the business that is mundane—marketing.

I’m not complaining (Okay, maybe just a little) but, now is the time to write press releases, emailing bloggers and scheduling promotions. Reviewers need to be contacted and copies of the book sent to them as soon as it is available. As I write this I waiting for an email from a book promoter.  

A Time to Endure comes out on December 12th. I’ll already be writing my next book.