Not a Fun Weekend

Some of you know that I spent the weekend in the hospital.

 Lorraine, has already talked about some of this on her Facebook account. My vision went crazy on Saturday morning. That is the most concise way to describe it (double vision looking into a fractured mirror might be another). My heart was pounding. Both gradually cleared and an hour later my family convinced me to go to the hospital (stupid to delay, I know, but I’m a guy and like to deny my own mortality).

 The good news is I didn’t have to wait in the emergency room. They seemed eager to get me right in even while I was describing what happened.

 I had the full attention of several of the medical staff for the next 30 minutes. The doctor said I may have had a minor stroke (seems like a contradiction in terms to me), but what they did find out for sure was that I have atrial fibrillation, my heart is beating irregularly, and was beating way to fast.

 Drugs have moved my heart rate to a normal level, but my heart still has no rhythm (just like the rest of me). So this is going to be an ongoing thing with more (hopefully scheduled) visits to doctors in the future. However, I am now back home and back to writing and hopefully will continue with both for a long time.