We Have a Book Cover

The cover design for A Time to Endure has been approved and released.

Because of the enthusiastic response to Through Many Fires I immediately started writing the planned second book in the series. Titled, A Time to Endure, this next book is now my number one writing project. Click here to see a progress bar graph of the writing.

While I’m still busy with the manuscript, the graphic designer, Micah Hansen, has delivered the final cover design. The first book in the series, Through Many Fires, was done in shades of red and we decided to go with that theme for the second book. The stark background is not one particular scene in the book but suggests a tone of coming events. Click on the image to see a larger version.

A Time to Endure, book two in the Strengthen What Remains series, will be available on Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble, Google Play, and the iTunes Bookstore, in paperback, on Kindle, and Nook and most other ereader formats when released later this year.