Now on Wattpad

In an effort to reach more of you, my readers, I’m refocusing my social media endeavors. 

Facebook is becoming less and less useful as they filter content and only a fraction of my subscribers see what I post. If someone cares enough to friend or follow me, I want them to see everything that I have available.

That’s one reason I started using Goodreads, a book cataloging site useful writers and readers. The thing I like about Goodreads is that everything I post is up on the site for all my readers to see and the audience is made up of people who like to read.

That dynamic led me to Wattpad, another reader focused social media site. Wattpad is used by authors to post their stories, articles, or whatever. In addition to reading the material, users are able to comment and like stories or join groups associated with the site.

I’ve posted the Final Duty novella to Wattpad and I’m serializing Through Many Fires to the site one chapter a week as a promo for the sequel, A Time to Endure.

Check out my sites on Goodreads and Wattpad and let me know what you think.