Release Date!

The release date for my next novel, A Time to Endure, has been set.

The exciting saga of Major Caden Westmore continues. In the first book of the Strengthen What Remains series, Through Many Fires, nuclear terrorism destroys six American cities, leaving the nation in chaos.

In the second novel, A Time to Endure, the economy teeters on collapse. The dollar plunges, inflation runs rampant, and the next civil war threatens to decimate the wounded country. In the face of tyranny, panic, and growing hunger, Caden struggles to keep his family and town together. But how can he save his community when the nation is collapsing around it? A Time to Endure will be released four months from today on December 12th of this year.

A third book is planned, but that is another story.

The front and back cover for A Time to Endure are complete and much of the book is now in the editing process. There is still much to be done behind the scenes, but barring unforeseen problems, the book will be released in paperback and on Kindle December 12th. Shortly thereafter, the novel will be released on Nook, Kobo, Smashwords and as an Audiobook.