The Sound of Final Duty

I’ve always thought that Final Duty, the novella that leads off my anthology would be a great audiobook.

In Final Duty, Lieutenant Amy Palmer returns to the Altair star system, onboard the reconnaissance ship Mirage, twenty years after the death of her father during the Battle of Altair. Almost immediately disaster strikes and Amy, along with the rest of the Mirage crew, must face the possibility of performing their final duties.

Click on the image to buy on Audible.com

Click on the image to buy on Audible.com

I imagined the story as more than an audiobook with at least a female and male voice actor and even some sound effects. It would then be a hybrid, or as it is called in the industry, a multi-cast, more than an audiobook, but less than a full radio play.

However, such a production would be expensive, the story is short, about 15,000 words, and I give away the ebook. It’s really hard to sell an expensive audiobook when you give away the ebook. So, although I thought it would be fun, it was a project that would probably never be done.

But then my sons decided to split the cost and give it to me as a Father’s Day present.


We’ve been working on the project since before Father’s Day. We hired Brick Shop Audio, a New York City audiobook company to produce the project and two voice actors, Erin Mallon and Michael Braun. They all did a fantastic job of bringing our script to life.

The project is now complete and you can hear a sample on Audible here or on my website here.