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What would happen to you if a disaster were to strike tomorrow?

That is the opening question on the Survivor Jane website and it is a question all of us should be able to answer, but many of us can’t.

SurvivorJane.com was originally created for women or as Jane describes it, “girly-girls who were a lot like me not too long ago,” The site has since branched out to women in all walks of life as well as men, but Survivor Jane remains the number one survival preparedness website for women. Jane is also an author and appeared on Doomsday Preppers in season 4.

However, the reason I’m writing about the site is because my books have been featured on the website, both in December of last year and just days ago.

In December Through Many Fires was featured with a synopsis of the book and a bio on me. Then, this month, A Time to Endure received the same.

I’ve enjoyed working with Jane and look forward to doing so when the third book in the series is released.