The Upside of Indie Writing

There are serious reasons to be an indie writer, and not so serious ones.

This is a look at a few of both.

Author Kyle Pratt at the office

1. No Alarm Clocks. I live on a small farm so I still get up early, but almost never to the blare of an alarm clock. Usually I get up to the morning sun coming in the bedroom window or the sound of chickens clucking to be fed. On those rare occasions when I must get up early for a flight or other trip, I struggle to remember how to set the fancy alarm clock by my bed.

2. My Three-Step Commute. Auto insurance agents always ask, “How long is your commute?” I love explaining my morning trip to them. The door-to-door commute from my bedroom to my office is three steps. However, I usually take a fourteen-step detour to the dining room for breakfast.

3. Casual Days. I wear slippers to the office because every day is casual Friday. If I wake with a great story idea I might start the day working in my robe. No one complains about my beard and I can go days without trimming it or shaving.     

4. The Daily Schedule. I still have busy days and enough appointments that I keep a synched schedule on all my electronic devices, but it is MY schedule. If an old friend calls or my wife wants to go out for lunch, things get moved around. My time is my time, and the schedule is always clear for Seattle Seahawk games.

5. It’s My Company. I probably work more hours than I ever did for an employer and I still have deadlines, but now every book I write, every promotion, conference or blogpost is part of building my company and my future.

There are downsides to being a writer, and even more so to being an indie writer. We’ll talk about those in future posts but, for me, I can’t imagine doing anything else.