This is the Day

Today Braving the Storms was released worldwide!

I was barely out of bed this morning when my wife Lorraine said, “Check your sales—how many books have you sold?” Braving the Storms, the third book in my Strengthen What Remains series, released worldwide this morning as an ebook.

Kyle Pratt with the three books of the Strengthen What Remains series

If you pre-ordered it on Amazon, Kobo or Smashwords the book should be on your device. By the time you read this it should be available on Barnes & Noble (Nook), and iTunes.

The paperback also released this morning, but will take a while to show up on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

So, I told Lorraine about the sales and was hoping for a quiet extended weekend leading up to Christmas. Then I remembered that Kevin Pierce, the narrator for both Through Many Fires and A Time to Endure, still needed the Braving the Storms manuscript. I emailed the script to him and we formalized the production agreement. The audiobook should be available by late January.

After that I recalled the newsletter for my readers still hadn’t been sent. Many of them had been waiting since the release of A Time to Endure. They deserved to be told that the next book in the series had been release. Then I needed to update the blog …  

Maybe I can take tomorrow off.