Interview and Review

The editor of Backdoor Survival, Gaye Levy, recently interviewed me and reviewed my latest book, A Time to Endure.

Backdoor Survival is a top ranked survival and preparedness website.

The site provides lifestyle tools, tips, and resources to guide readers through the economic, political, environmental challenges we all face. Because of my own interest in survival and prepping, I’ve visited Backdoor Survival many times. Even before the release of my first survival themed book I was a regular visitor. However, when I released Through Many Fires, it seemed only natural to send a copy to Gaye.

She was kind enough to review the book and interview me. Then she made Through Many Fires part of the Backdoor Survival Book Festival for the Spring of 2014.

This year as part of the website’s Prepper Book Festival, the second book in the series, A Time to Endure, is featured. In the second book, A Time to Endure, the nation’s economy teeters on the verge of collapse. The dollar plunges, inflation runs rampant, and the next civil war threatens to decimate the wounded country. In the face of tyranny, panic, and growing hunger, Caden struggles to keep his family and town together and alive, but how can he when the nation is collapsing around them?

I found the comments below from Gaye’s recent review to be very kind and humbling.

“At some point you might be scratching your head and thinking, how the heck does Gaye read all of these books? One a week? Holy moly!

“The truth of the matter is that sometimes I read just a few chapters and other times I do a quick skim. After all, I do need to preview these books to ensure they are suitable to Backdoor Survival readers. A few, however, I read cover to cover, or if I can, listen via audiobook.

“Kyle’s books are the cover-to-cover type. I know you will enjoy both Through Many Fires and A Time to Endure. Just don’t blame me if you are sleepy the next the day for staying up to all hours reading! One other thing. Kyle’s books are some of the most reasonably priced books in the post-apocalyptic genre on Amazon.”

Thank you, Gaye.

Win A Time to Endure

As part of this year’s Prepper Book Festival  Gaye and I are conducting a book giveaway contest. Ten readers of Backdoor Survival will receive their choice of the paperback, ebook or audiobook of A Time to Endure.

There are still two days left on the contest so, go visit Backdoor Survival and, enter to win A Time to Endure.