Gathering Together

Like most writers, I’m an introvert.

I spend most of the day alone, in a small office, writing. The room is in my home so, my wife is near, but she leaves me to do my work. Hours can go by and the only people I talk to are the characters in my stories.

From L to R, Wayne, Anthony, Holly, Amy, Lisa, Larry and Kyle Pratt.

Picture by Jennifer Vandenberg

Staring at the page I’ll ask, “What are you going to do next?”

“Why did you do that?”

“Are you going to take that? Are you angry? Do you want to hit him? Do something!”

Writers get a bit crazy when they’re left alone for too long.

After weeks of writing, I looked forward to last Friday, when the Lewis County Writers group, pictured here, gathered at the Matrix Coffeehouse for a potluck. What do writers talk about when they gather together? Like most people, we talk about what we do and the people we know. So, while we ate we discussed writing, publishing and other authors. After that, we talked about everything else.

My mental battery is now recharged for many more days of writing.