A Look Forward

I like to look forward this time of year.

The first website cover picture of the year was snapped by Paul Itkin. Unfortunately, I know nothing more about him. However, it is with his beautiful picture that I begin my own 2016 journey.

While every look forward is seen through a dark glass, I like to imagine what I’ll get done in the coming months and what my life will be like as the year winds down. I usually write my goals and post them near my desk. This year I thought I’d share some thoughts about the coming year with all of you.

1. Complete the first book in a new series. This project is so new the novel doesn’t have a name and neither does the series. However, right now it is planned as a three book series dealing with the issue of electromagnetic pulse. In the first novel, storms on the sun throw off massive Coronal mass ejections (CMEs) that hit Earth over a twenty-four hour period. The resulting electromagnetic pulses set technology across the planet back a hundred years. You can read more about this upcoming novel on the projects page of the website.

2. Complete the second book in the Guardian Knights series. This may seem strange since the first book doesn’t yet have a release date, but I have good reasons. Seekers of Earth, the first book in this science fiction series, is a 39,000 word prequel that ends in a cliffhanger. I can imagine the angry reader reaction if they read that book and the second novel wasn’t available. So, my plan is to release the second novel, Recall the Earth, at the same time as the first book. That will happen this year, but we don’t yet know when. You can read more about this series on the projects page of the website.

3. Write 130,000 words in 2016. Last year I set a goal of completing four manuscripts and writing 120,000 words. I completed three of the projects and wrote nearly 128,000 words. The Long Walk Home, a short story in the Strengthen What Remains setting, will be completed this year. In addition to The Long Walk Home, I plan to complete the two projects listed above, and finish editing another short story in the Strengthen What Remains series, Nightmare in Slow Motion. I estimate that will entail writing 130,000 words during the next twelve months.

4. Release the Strengthen What Remains omnibus edition. Due for release in April, this ebook will include Through Many Fires, A Time to Endure, Braving the Storms and two short stories, Nightmare in Slow Motion and The Long Walk Home. You can read more about the short stories on the projects page of the website.

5. More book promotions. The only book promotion of 2015 was tied to the release of Braving the Storms. My 2016 goal is to have three book promotions. At least two tied to the Strengthen What Remains series in February/March and September/October. The third one will be tied to the release of the Guardian Knights books. We don’t have a date for the third one but, what this means for you is, more chances to buy my books at a discount.

6. Update the website cover pictures regularly. This is a minor thing, but last year I used five different website cover pictures and changed them at irregular intervals. I have many beautiful pictures available, so this year I want to change them during the first week of each month. Stop by at least every four weeks to  enjoy the new cover image.

My wife looked over this blogpost, as she does with most of my writing, and said, “People don’t have time to read long blogposts.”

Sigh. Perhaps she’s right.

7. Make shorter blogposts.

Find previous cover pictures here.