Review Milestones

As 2016 begins two of my books have reached milestones.

If a reader enjoys one of my stories, I certainly encourage them to write a review. As I mention at the end of many of my books, “the more favorable reviews a book has, the better it sells.” In part, this is because when readers peruse books on a site like Amazon they often assume that the first few reviews are from friends and family. While that depends on the author (I don’t solicit reviews from friends or relatives) readers put more trust in the star ranking as the number of reviews increases.

Composite picture of the Through Many Fires page on Amazon.com

Therefore, as an author, I want lots and lots of good reviews and, overtime, I have received them. Two of my novels recently achieved review milestones on Amazon.

Through Many Fires, the first book in the Strengthen What Remains series, reached 200 reviews in September of 2014 and today achieved review number 300, and a 4.4 star ranking.

Composite picture of the A Time to Endure page on Amazon.com

Released just over a year ago, A Time to Endure, book two in the Strengthen What Remains series, now has 60 reviews on Amazon, and a 4.6 star ranking.

Thank you, my readers, for those excellent numbers.