Braving the Storms Audiobook

My fifth story will soon be available as an Audiobook.

A few weeks ago on December 18th, the paperback and ebook editions of Braving the Storms, the third book of the Strengthen What Remains series, were released.

Kevin Pierce the voice of Strengthen What Remains.

Even before the December debut, Kevin Pierce, the producer for both Through Many Fires and A Time to Endure, agreed to continue his role as the voice of the series. Kevin is a respected, Audible-approved, producer and narrator of both fiction and non-fiction audiobooks.

Through Many Fires, my first book to be released as an audiobook, came out just over three years ago. Now Braving the Storms will be my fifth. You can listen to samples of all them here.   

Yesterday, Kevin sent me the first chapter of the Braving the Storms audiobook for approval. Click on the embedded app to hear that first chapter. We expect the full audiobook to be completed and available on Audible and iTunes by the end of the month. When that happens, I’ll announce it here, on Facebook, Google Plus and Twitter.