Braving the Storms Unboxed

The year 1985 was a memorable time for me.

That year I was stationed in Japan with the U.S. navy and writing short stories that I hoped someday might be printed. That was also the year Back to the Future came out. Along with my family, I saw the movie in a Japanese theater. Kanji scrolled along one side as we watched.

While I enjoyed the whole movie a scene at the end stuck in my memory. In the last minutes of the film Bif rushes into the McFly home with a package and announces, “Mr. McFly, Mr. McFly, this just arrived … I think it's your new book.” They open it and lift out a copy of George McFly’s novel, A Match Made in Space

As I walked from the theater I recalled that scene, and thought that opening a box and seeing your book for the first time would be a really cool moment. I never forgot that scene, and I think of it again each time a package arrives containing my copies of a new release.

This is the fourth time books have arrived on my doorstep and the moment in Back to the Future flashed through my mind as I opened the box and lifted the first copy of Braving the Storms.

This recent delivery contained twenty copies of that latest novel. I’ll be keeping one or two. The rest I’ll be signing and sending off to editors, bloggers, reviewers and beta-readers or handing to critique group partners.

So, if I said you’ll be getting a copy of my new book—it’s coming soon!