Backdoor Book Festival

Backdoor Survival has featured my books before.

This month, Backdoor Survival, one of the top survival and prepping websites, featured my latest novel, Braving the Storms, and they’ve highlighted my books before.

In early 2014, Through Many Fires had begun to sell and I knew that if I found bloggers and reviewers willing to read my book, I could reach an even wider audience. At the time I still taught in Alaska, and wrote in my spare time.

I sent an email to Gaye Levy, founder and editor of Backdoor Survival, and she agreed to read Through Many Fires. Gaye featured the novel in the Backdoor Survival Spring 2014 book festival. With help from her, Through Many Fires reached that wider audience. In 2015, Gaye featured my novel A Time to Endure, in another website book festival

Book Festival and Giveaway

My debt to Gaye continues to grow. Earlier this week in her eleventh online book festival, Backdoor Survival featured Braving the Storms. Along with the review there is an interview with me, and a chance to win one of ten copies of Braving the Storms. The winners can choose their format: print book, eBook, or audiobook.

So, click here to go straight to the Braving the Storms page at Backdoor Survival, read the interview, and enter.