Trump Hate

I’ll start this off by stating that Donald Trump was not my first choice for president. Early in the primary season I believe there were seventeen Republicans running for the office. Trump would not have been in my top ten. I’m a conservative. During most of the primary I had no idea what Donald Trump was, other than a better choice than Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders.

That being clear, Trump is now the president of the United States and the hate and vilification directed at him by liberals hit a new low the other day when Kathy Griffin, an alleged comedian, decided it would be funny to have a picture taken of her with the mock, bloody, decapitated head, of President Trump.

Kathy Griffin thinks this is funny.

Kathy Griffin thinks this is funny.

There is a saying in the media that all publicity is good publicity. Well, I’ll say that I’d never heard of Kathy Griffin before and her name is now fixed in my mind, but in what universe is a severed head funny? President Trump called it “sick,” and I agree with him.

I really didn’t like the policies of President Barack Obama, but it never occurred to me that pretending to kill the man would be useful or funny. Such actions are bad for the United States and they make me sympathetic toward Trump. That can’t be what liberals want.

The continued maliciousness toward Donald Trump the person has also led to my increased appreciation of the conservative actions he has taken.

So, to my friends on the left, disagree with President Trump’s policies, tell your senators and representatives what you think, and try to convince other Republicans and conservatives, like me with logic and reason, but restrain your murderous hatred.