Christmas in Time Released!

Time is on my mind

 I should have posted this earlier, but got busy and time slipped away from me, but Christmas in Time deserves to be mentioned.

 Yesterday Amazon released the ebook version of this Christmas anthology. My story in the collection is titled, What Will You Do? If you pre-ordered book it’s already on your Kindle. The paperback version will be released soon.

 Below is the text from the back cover of the paperback.

 Take a new look at Christmas

 Christmas in Time takes a new look at the holiday through the imaginations of these seven Christian authors.

Christmas in Time

Christmas in Time

 Two Golden Rings by Heather Morse Alexander examines tragedy, love, and faith, during the depression.

 A Country Christmas by Carolyn Bickel blends her knowledge of farm life into a down-home country Christmas.

 Christmas Stars by Barbara Tifft Blakey provides a well-researched glimpse of the season during the middle ages.

 A Home for Christmas by Kristie Kandoll gives us a frosty Dakota frontier holiday through the eyes of a pioneer.

An English Christmas Treasure by Romance writer Debby Lee delivers a peek into a Victorian-era Christmas.

 The Junkyard Gang by James K. Pratt shows us a Christmas through the eyes of a young American boy in Japan.

 What Will You Do? by Kyle Pratt views the nativity through the eyes of a shepherd.

 From Judea on that very first Christmas to England, Bavaria, Japan, and the United States, Christmas in Time explores love, faith, and hope through the eyes and hearts of ordinary people.

Christmas is coming soon. Click on the book cover or here to order a copy. I think you’ll enjoy it.

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