Writing Every Day

February was a short month and I didn’t get as much done as I wanted.

Kyle with a month of edits to his stories

Nearly every working day of this month will be devoted to writing and editing the sidequel and sequel to Through the Storm. Okay, I will take some time off to watch the Olympics—but writing will dominate my days.

If I don’t write and edit each day I fall behind. In the picture I’m holding one month of edits for my current writing projects.

I hope to be done with a sidequel of Through the Storm by the end of February. Sidequel isn’t a real word, yet, but authors sometimes use it for stories that portray events that occur at the same time as the original work, (Through the Storm), but with different characters in a different setting. In this case, I’m following Major Franklin through the same time period as Neal Evans. Into the Storm is the working title for this sidequel novella which should be released in May of this year.

The full-length sequel to Through the Storm is the other writing project I’m currently working on. This, as yet unnamed, novel will continue the plot of both the earlier books (Through the Storm & Into the Storm) and bring some of the characters together and they struggle to survive. The sequel should be ready for release at the end of this year.  

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