Christmas in Time Released!

Time is on my mind

 I should have posted this earlier, but got busy and time slipped away from me, but Christmas in Time deserves to be mentioned.

 Yesterday Amazon released the ebook version of this Christmas anthology. My story in the collection is titled, What Will You Do? If you pre-ordered book it’s already on your Kindle. The paperback version will be released soon.

 Below is the text from the back cover of the paperback.

 Take a new look at Christmas

 Christmas in Time takes a new look at the holiday through the imaginations of these seven Christian authors.

Christmas in Time

Christmas in Time

 Two Golden Rings by Heather Morse Alexander examines tragedy, love, and faith, during the depression.

 A Country Christmas by Carolyn Bickel blends her knowledge of farm life into a down-home country Christmas.

 Christmas Stars by Barbara Tifft Blakey provides a well-researched glimpse of the season during the middle ages.

 A Home for Christmas by Kristie Kandoll gives us a frosty Dakota frontier holiday through the eyes of a pioneer.

An English Christmas Treasure by Romance writer Debby Lee delivers a peek into a Victorian-era Christmas.

 The Junkyard Gang by James K. Pratt shows us a Christmas through the eyes of a young American boy in Japan.

 What Will You Do? by Kyle Pratt views the nativity through the eyes of a shepherd.

 From Judea on that very first Christmas to England, Bavaria, Japan, and the United States, Christmas in Time explores love, faith, and hope through the eyes and hearts of ordinary people.

Christmas is coming soon. Click on the book cover or here to order a copy. I think you’ll enjoy it.

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The Authors Kyle Pratt

There are two authors named Kyle Pratt

My wife received a call today from someone wanting to talk to Kyle Pratt, the author of The Scary Snow Day. Confused, she told them that, while Kyle Pratt is an author, The Scary Snow Day was not one of his books.

Apparently, the name issue is confusing others who look at Scary Snow Day and then my books.

When I got home she told me about the call and my son looked up the title on Amazon. It seems Kyle Derby Pratt is the author of The Scary Snow Day. My full name is Kyle Douglas Pratt so; we are both Kyle D. Pratt.

We looked for Kyle Derby’s profile on Amazon but didn’t find one. My wife bought The Scary Snow Day, a children’s book, and while I attended my second meeting of the day, she read and enjoyed the story. That evening I read it. While the story is certainly not my genre the author has talent.

I’ve always thought of my name as rather uncommon but, in 2005, Jodie Foster played a character named Kyle Pratt in the movie Flightplan. Before that movie, I never thought of Kyle as a girl’s name. Then, in 2014, while working in Alaska, I meet another Kyle Pratt. Imagine meeting someone with your name while in a remote Alaskan village. In addition to our name we had several other weird coincidences. So, perhaps my name isn’t as uncommon as I thought.   

Still, it would be fun to meet Kyle Derby Pratt. Maybe we could have a picture taken with each of us holding one of our books. Kyle, if you read this, send me an email.     

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To receive a weekly digest of blogposts delivered to your inbox click Follow me

Now on Walmart.com

I’m excited to announce that the print editions of my novels are now available on Walmart.com.

Kyle Pratt with the four novels now on Walmart.com

Since writing is my business I work hard to expand the distribution of my stories, but I didn’t have anything to do with the addition of Walmart distribution. I didn’t even realize my books were on Walmart.com until a fellow author mentioned that their books were. So I checked.

Imagine my surprise.

From what I’m hearing from other authors this is all due to an agreement between Amazon and Walmart. I'm just thankful it happened.   

At least for now, Walmart.com is only selling print books, not audio or ebooks. The four novels that are available on Walmart.com are Through Many Fires, A Time to Endure, Braving the Storms and Titan Encounter.

Local Author Display

I guess it’s only natural for writers to support libraries.

Amy and Victoria with the books of Author Kyle Pratt

Back in September I blogged about finding my novel, A Time to Endure, at my local Chehalis library. When I visited the library to get a picture for that September blogpost, my friend Amy, who works there, checked the database and discovered other libraries in the system had copies of Through Many Fires. This surprised me since I’ve never made an effort to get my novels in any library. I guess I never thought about my books being there, but I was happy when I found out they were.

Several weeks later Amy contacted me and asked if I would donate a copy of each of my novels for a display of local authors at the Chehalis library. Of course, I agreed.

The picture here is from when I delivered the copies of Braving the Storms, Through Many Fires, Titan Encounter and A Time to Endure. I’ll go back, and get a picture of the display, when it is complete.

A Book for Bill

Nearly ten months ago I sold the first copy of Braving the Storms.

Kyle Pratt and Bill Radtke on March 20, 2015 with a check for the unnamed third book.

That was before the book even had a name. I had gone to deliver copies of Through Many Fires and A Time to Endure to my friend, Bill Radtke. I told him he could have them, but he wanted to buy them. That was back on March 20, 2015. As we talked he asked me about the third book in the series.

I told him most of the book had been plotted and I had written about 15,000 words.

Kyle Pratt and Bill Radtke ten months later with Braving the Storms.

As Bill wrote the check for the first two books he said, “I’m going to add extra for the third book.”

I shook my head. “You don’t have to do that. I’ll make sure you get a copy when it is released.”

He insisted on paying me for the unnamed book right then.

I had the good sense to get a picture of him handing me that check and wrote about it here.  

Today, almost ten months later, I’ve completed the 77,000 word, 258 page novel, and delivered his copy of the now named book. Bill, I hope you enjoy your copy of Braving the Storms.

Braving the Storms Unboxed

The year 1985 was a memorable time for me.

That year I was stationed in Japan with the U.S. navy and writing short stories that I hoped someday might be printed. That was also the year Back to the Future came out. Along with my family, I saw the movie in a Japanese theater. Kanji scrolled along one side as we watched.

While I enjoyed the whole movie a scene at the end stuck in my memory. In the last minutes of the film Bif rushes into the McFly home with a package and announces, “Mr. McFly, Mr. McFly, this just arrived … I think it's your new book.” They open it and lift out a copy of George McFly’s novel, A Match Made in Space

As I walked from the theater I recalled that scene, and thought that opening a box and seeing your book for the first time would be a really cool moment. I never forgot that scene, and I think of it again each time a package arrives containing my copies of a new release.

This is the fourth time books have arrived on my doorstep and the moment in Back to the Future flashed through my mind as I opened the box and lifted the first copy of Braving the Storms.

This recent delivery contained twenty copies of that latest novel. I’ll be keeping one or two. The rest I’ll be signing and sending off to editors, bloggers, reviewers and beta-readers or handing to critique group partners.

So, if I said you’ll be getting a copy of my new book—it’s coming soon! 


Made My Day

Spring is a hard time for teachers. The students are tired and sense that summer is coming. Teachers are also tired and are counting the days till summer.

Kyle Pratt holds a copy of his book, Through Many Fires, sent to him for an autograph

Yesterday, after a long spring day of inattentive, restless, students the school secretary, Loni, brought me a torn cardboard mailer. It was addressed to my personal mailbox, but delivered to the school. This often happens in the village, but this time I didn’t recognize the return address.

Puzzled, I reached in and tore it the rest of the way open. Out came a copy of my book Through Many Fires. Loni stood there puzzled as I read the letter and a smile grew on my face. I’m still a relatively unknown author and don’t get that much fan mail. “It’s from one of my readers.” I said. “I put instructions on my website for anyone who wants me to autograph their book.” Holding up the paperback I added, “He’s the first.”

Loni took a picture while I was still smiling and then I went home with a better feeling about the whole world.

The Strand

“Really good,” that’s the way Gabriel, a reader described Through Many Fires in an email a few days ago. I enjoy hearing from readers and it always brings a smile to my face when they tell me they enjoy one of my books, but Gabriel said something else that really piqued my interest.

He said he bought my book at a popular independent bookstore in New York City. Through Many Fires has been selling well on Kindle, iTunes, Nook and Kobo. The paperback version has been selling well online, but Book 'N' Brush was the only bookstore I knew that was carrying it. I had to know more, so I wrote back asking for the name of the store.

Later that day I got another email from Gabriel saying it was the Strand, a well-known independent bookstore at the corner of Broadway and East 12th Street in the East Village neighborhood of Manhattan in New York City.

I always knew that the hardest marketing job would be getting my books into the physical bookstores. It’s nice to know that a big independent bookstore, like Strand, is stocking my book.

Just Weird

My son Robert found this intriguing listing on eBay.

Someone is selling my book, Through Many Fires, for over $50. Because of the success of my books I find them in many online outlets, including a Chinese website that sells unauthorized copies.

When my son showed me this listing I did a search and found at least four copies of Through Many Fires for sale on eBay ranging in price from $9.26 to $59.92. The sellers bought physical copies from an authorized dealer so they have every right to sell them. I can understand that they may have read the book and no longer have need of it. However, Through Many Fires is still in print and new paperback copies are available from Amazon and Barnes & Noble for $9.89, I’m not sure how they can sell copies for $50. 

It’s weird, but I wish the sellers luck.

In the Local Bookstore

My Local bookstore now carries Through Many Fires!

Lorraine in Book N Brush

You can now find my latest novel, Through Many Fires, at Book N Brush, on Market Boulevard in Chehalis.  

One of the biggest problems for independent writers is getting their books stocked in bookstores. The reasons are space and profit. Amazon and other online outlets have unlimited space and can therefore carry countless books. A community bookstore has limited space and must be selective. Also, more and more people are shopping for books online. This cuts into profits for local bookstores. When profits are slim, the willingness to take a risk on an unknown independent author falters.

I’m thrilled Book N Brush was willing to stock my newest book, Through Many Fires and  as a writer, a member of the community and a bibliophile, I urge everyone in the community to support this locally owned independent bookstore.

Advertisements Appearing

One of the nice things about being an author is being able to see your work in different places.

 As my books have garnered wider distribution, from Amazon, to Audible, iTunes and more, I’ve started to see advertisements for them. Recently I was pleased to see this online ad by Barnes & Noble.

These two books are available in paperback, Kindle and, very soon, on Nook.

As a new author I don’t have the sales to get my books in most stores, but you can buy them online from either Amazon or Barnes & Noble. If you live near me in Chehalis, Washington, you buy the paperback version of Through Many Fires from our local independent bookstore, Book N Brush.