What the World Dreads Most

This all came about because of the What the World Dreads Most ebook giveaway. It simply didn’t fit into my regular email schedule. In the past, I’ve just turned down such opportunities, but this giveaway included some fine books that I thought you, my readers, would be very interested in.

However, this is a very limited time offer that ends on May 29, so be sure to click on the graphic and check it out!

The offer includes some fantastic authors including A.R. Shaw, author of Graham's Resolution, Phil Maxey, the British author of Survive, book one of the Cascade Series, and Rachel Aukes, author of the 100 Days in Deadland, book one of the Deadland Saga and more!

So, I decided to do a special edition of the Dystopia & Dissonance newsletter to promote it. As I was getting this ready I thought doing special editions isn’t a bad idea, but before I another, I want to hear from you. Let me know what you think, by leaving a comment below.  

Also, if you haven’t read my bestselling novel, Through Many Fires, and The Storm Rises, the preview editions of both are included in this giveaway.

Happy reading!

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A New Podcast

I’m going to co-host a new podcast!

ATI podcast cover II (small).jpg

The weekly twenty-minute show is titled, All Things Indie, and will be aimed at authors. My co-host, Jennifer Vandenberg, and I will provide tips to hone the writing craft of our audience, introduce them to knowledgeable indie authors, and provide new insights into book marketing. 

We’ve already begun lining up interviews, writing and recording. The podcast will be available on Libsyn, iTunes, Stitcher, and other sites. Our first show is scheduled for release on December 7th and I’ll have more information then.

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A Thud at the Door

I was sitting in my living room this morning when I heard a thud.

Kyle and son James Pratt with copies of Christmas in Time

I felt confident that I’d find a heavy box just outside the door, and I did. The delivery service had dropped off a package containing thirty-five copies of Christmas in Time. Both my oldest son and I have stories in the anthology. My contribution is titled, What will you do? It views that very first Christmas through the eyes of one of the shepherds that hear the angels proclaim the birth of Jesus.  In his story, The Junkyard Gang, my son, James, shows us a more modern Christmas through the eyes of a young American boy living on a military base in Japan.

So, with all these books, we had to get a picture together!

The thirty-five copies are for a book signing event at The Station Coffee Bar & Bistro in Centralia this Saturday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. My son and I will be there with our other books and there will be eleven other local authors, including five that have stories in Christmas in Time.

I’ll get someone to take pictures and I’ll post them in the blog.

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Christmas in Time Released!

Time is on my mind

 I should have posted this earlier, but got busy and time slipped away from me, but Christmas in Time deserves to be mentioned.

 Yesterday Amazon released the ebook version of this Christmas anthology. My story in the collection is titled, What Will You Do? If you pre-ordered book it’s already on your Kindle. The paperback version will be released soon.

 Below is the text from the back cover of the paperback.

 Take a new look at Christmas

 Christmas in Time takes a new look at the holiday through the imaginations of these seven Christian authors.

Christmas in Time

Christmas in Time

 Two Golden Rings by Heather Morse Alexander examines tragedy, love, and faith, during the depression.

 A Country Christmas by Carolyn Bickel blends her knowledge of farm life into a down-home country Christmas.

 Christmas Stars by Barbara Tifft Blakey provides a well-researched glimpse of the season during the middle ages.

 A Home for Christmas by Kristie Kandoll gives us a frosty Dakota frontier holiday through the eyes of a pioneer.

An English Christmas Treasure by Romance writer Debby Lee delivers a peek into a Victorian-era Christmas.

 The Junkyard Gang by James K. Pratt shows us a Christmas through the eyes of a young American boy in Japan.

 What Will You Do? by Kyle Pratt views the nativity through the eyes of a shepherd.

 From Judea on that very first Christmas to England, Bavaria, Japan, and the United States, Christmas in Time explores love, faith, and hope through the eyes and hearts of ordinary people.

Christmas is coming soon. Click on the book cover or here to order a copy. I think you’ll enjoy it.

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Smart Summer Sci-Fi Giveaway

Fifty free ebooks to download is a good thing.

But this is the last few days that the Smart Summer Sci-Fi giveaway will be available. There are over fifty (50) ebooks for your Kindle, Nook or Kobo ereader, from Niel Bushnell, M.G. Herron, Patty Jansen, and M Pax. Also, in the giveaway is my novel, Seekers of Earth. But if you want to download them you better act now. Check it out by clicking on the image on here!

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The Authors Kyle Pratt

There are two authors named Kyle Pratt

My wife received a call today from someone wanting to talk to Kyle Pratt, the author of The Scary Snow Day. Confused, she told them that, while Kyle Pratt is an author, The Scary Snow Day was not one of his books.

Apparently, the name issue is confusing others who look at Scary Snow Day and then my books.

When I got home she told me about the call and my son looked up the title on Amazon. It seems Kyle Derby Pratt is the author of The Scary Snow Day. My full name is Kyle Douglas Pratt so; we are both Kyle D. Pratt.

We looked for Kyle Derby’s profile on Amazon but didn’t find one. My wife bought The Scary Snow Day, a children’s book, and while I attended my second meeting of the day, she read and enjoyed the story. That evening I read it. While the story is certainly not my genre the author has talent.

I’ve always thought of my name as rather uncommon but, in 2005, Jodie Foster played a character named Kyle Pratt in the movie Flightplan. Before that movie, I never thought of Kyle as a girl’s name. Then, in 2014, while working in Alaska, I meet another Kyle Pratt. Imagine meeting someone with your name while in a remote Alaskan village. In addition to our name we had several other weird coincidences. So, perhaps my name isn’t as uncommon as I thought.   

Still, it would be fun to meet Kyle Derby Pratt. Maybe we could have a picture taken with each of us holding one of our books. Kyle, if you read this, send me an email.     

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Through the Storm Audiobook


The audiobook of Through the Storms is now in production.

Sean Patrick Hopkins

A few days ago I signed Sean Patrick Hopkins to narrate and produce the Through the Storm audiobook. Sean is a New York-based actor and Audible approved producer. He is a member of the Screen Actors Guild and his resume includes movies, television, off-Broadway and regional theatre credits.

The normal routine when making an audiobook is for the narrator to provide the first fifteen minutes for approval. This allows the author a chance to ensure the narrator has the voices, accents, and pronunciation correct. Sean did this perfectly and I’m thrilled to provide that clip from the book here. This will be my ninth story available as an audiobook and you can sample all of them on this special audiobook page of the website.

If all the production and post-production edits and checks go smoothly (as I expect they will) listeners can expect to see the Through the Storm audiobook available on Audible in early December. About a week later it will be released on iTunes.

I’m excited to hear the complete audiobook and hope you are also!

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Three Important Announcements

Events are moving rapidly with the Guardian Knights of Terra series so, I decided to make three announcements in one blogpost.

1. The ebook edition of Seekers of Earth, the first book in the Guardian Knights of Terra series is on sale for 99 cents. This deal won’t last so, if you were thinking about getting the Seekers of Earth ebook now is the time to act.

2. We released Seekers of Earth in March and Recall the Earth in April. At that time no decision had been made on the third book. I’m pleased to announce that I’ve begun work on the third book in the series, Return to Earth. No release date has been set, but I’m hoping for late this year. Hopefully, it can be a Christmas gift!

3. Since we already had the name Return to Earth, we went ahead with designing the cover. The design work is now complete and we’ll have the cover reveal in the next newsletter which should be out in a few days. If you haven’t signed up for my FREE email newsletter, click here to do so.

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Contest Unboxing

Hurry and enter my FREE book giveaway contests!

 In celebration of the release of my next two novels, Seekers of Earth on March 17th and Recall the Earth on April 7th, I’m running three book giveaway contests.

Why I said hurry is because the contest to win five signed copies of Seekers of Earth closes in just five days. Go to my website contest page and enter. While you are there, enter the other two contests for copies of Through Many Fires and Strengthen What Remains stories. Those contests close in just under a month.

In preparation for all the winners, I ordered copies of all the books mentioned above and a couple more. One of those books could be yours. All you have to do is visit the contest page on my website and enter. It’s all FREE!

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A Time to Endure Promo

This morning the ebook edition of A Time to Endure went on sale for 99 cents.

We’re planning more promotions this year with the purpose of getting more of my books into the hands of readers. In October of last year, we featured Through Many Fires. For our first promotion of 2017, we’re featuring the second book in the Strengthen What Remains series, A Time to Endure. Starting today and for the rest of the month, the ebook edition of A Time to Endure will be only 99 cents on Amazon, Nook, Kobo, iTunes and Smashwords.

Happy reading!

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To receive a weekly digest of blogposts delivered to your inbox click Follow me

Author Rank

Author rankings change constantly, and I tend to be more focused on sales than my position on Amazon, but when I break into the top 10—well, I’ve just got to lean back and enjoy the moment.

Author ranking for Kyle Pratt

For several years, I’ve been happy to be a mid-list author writing stories I enjoy. Every year my sales have grown, but every business needs to advertise. So, we’ve been running a marketing campaign with Through Many Fires and, this has propelled sales higher—and moved up my author rank.

It will slide after the marketing campaign, but right now I’m enjoying the feeling. 

Halloween Special

Scary things are a natural part of Halloween. So, my contribution to this frightening time is to make the ebook edition of Through Many Fires available to more people. Now and through the end of Halloween, Through Many Fires is available for 99 cents.

We started yesterday with a Bookbub deal running in the United States, Canada, Australia, India and the United Kingdom. We continued today with ebooksoda, one of the larger British ebook marketers. After that we’ll be working with other marketers in the United States such as, Fussy Librarian, Reading Deals, EReader News and others.

All of this effort is to let everyone know that, if you’ve never read it, now is the time to turn the lights low, download Through Many Fires, and delve into America after nuclear terrorism.

Now on Walmart.com

I’m excited to announce that the print editions of my novels are now available on Walmart.com.

Kyle Pratt with the four novels now on Walmart.com

Since writing is my business I work hard to expand the distribution of my stories, but I didn’t have anything to do with the addition of Walmart distribution. I didn’t even realize my books were on Walmart.com until a fellow author mentioned that their books were. So I checked.

Imagine my surprise.

From what I’m hearing from other authors this is all due to an agreement between Amazon and Walmart. I'm just thankful it happened.   

At least for now, Walmart.com is only selling print books, not audio or ebooks. The four novels that are available on Walmart.com are Through Many Fires, A Time to Endure, Braving the Storms and Titan Encounter.

Prepping for Tomorrow

This Thursday, August 11th, I’ll be on the Prepping for Tomorrow podcast with bestselling author Bobby Akart.

Bobby is a five-time Amazon Top 50 author of seven number one bestsellers in both fiction (Blackout Series and Boston Brahmin Series) and non-fiction (Prepping for Tomorrow Series) genres.

The Prepping for Tomorrow podcast features interviews with leading post-apocalyptic fiction authors, such as Steve Konkoly, Franklin Horton, and Claire C. Riley, as well as experts in the field of survival and preparedness. Bobby, the creator of Freedom Preppers, focuses on tips, techniques and the importance of prepper fiction in developing a well-rounded, but comprehensive, preparedness plan.

I really don’t know where Bobby gets the time for all he does. The podcast will be live at 6:00pm Thursday, Pacific Time (Friday, 1:00am UTC). I’ll be joining Bobby after his introductory remarks. We’ll be talking about my Strengthen What Remains Series, writing, and the real concerns about being ready in an uncertain world.

If you don’t catch it live you can still hear the recorded version, simply click here, and check the archived shows. I’m thrilled to talk with him and I invite you to listen and be a part of the conversation. For more information, or to listen live, click here

Send Me A Picture!

A friend of mine sent me a picture, and that gave me an idea.

Chris reading Braving the Storms

My wife usually gets a worried look when I have ideas, but I think this is a good one. My friend, Jennifer, took a picture of her husband reading my book, Braving the Storms. An idea came to me as I looked at the picture. I’ve received letters and emails from fans across the United States, Canada, and Europe, Asia, and Africa. I love to get emails from you, I read every one, but it would even be more interesting with pictures.

What I’m looking for is a picture of you reading one of my books in an unusual or unlikely setting. So, if you live near a volcano, like I do, or you’re going on an unusual vacation, take my book along and snap a picture. Then send it to me at kyle@kylepratt.me.

 I’ll post the pictures with the most unusual locations and settings here, on the website.

Wattpad Serial Thriller

Wattpad and Smashwords are coordinating a promotion of thriller genre books. Smashwords founder, Mark Coker, selected the books and they are featured on Wattpad. Through Many Fires was chosen to be included and will be serialized on Wattpad over the next couple of months.

All of my novels are currently available on Smashwords, an independent ebook distributor, along with other distributors, such as Amazon.

Wattpad is a writing community of readers and writers. Stories are available for free reading either on the website or through a mobile app. Nearly half of Wattpad users are in the United States, but other countries include the United Kingdom, Canada, the Philippines, Australia and other countries.

In addition to Through Many Fires, I currently have the first chapter of Titan Encounter and the complete Final Duty novelette on Wattpad. Other stories will be added later in the year. 

Coming Soon

A new book and a new edition are coming soon.


The new book

The Long Way Home by Kyle Pratt

The final book in the Strengthen What Remains series, at least for now, is the 20,000 word novella, The Long Way Home. The story will be released on July 15th, but is available for preorder on Amazon and Smashwords, and will soon be available on Nook and Kobo.

Five cities had already been decimated by nuclear terrorism when Trevor Westmore sets out on a mission to bring Sue, his pregnant daughter-in-law, back to the relative safety of the family farm. He also hopes to find his daughter Lisa and bring her home. But, almost immediately upon finding Sue, in the suburbs of Seattle, terrorists detonate another nuclear bomb and the two must flee amid the chaos and fallout.


The Omnibus Edition

The Strengthen What Remains omnibus edition by Kyle Pratt

The Strengthen What Remains omnibus edition is scheduled for release on August 26. This ebook only edition will include the three novels, Through Many Fires, A Time to Endure, and Braving the Storms. Also included is the novelette, Nightmare in Slow Motion and the yet to be released novella, The Long Way Home, described above. While the final price has not been set, the plan is to save readers money over buying the books individually. A pre-order page will be created later this month.

Rocking Self-Publishing Podcast

I just finished being interviewed by Simon Whistler of the Rocking Self-Publishing Podcast.

Simon Whistler

To paraphrase how Simon starts each program, he interviews successful self-published authors so that his listeners can learn and follow. When I discovered the Rocking Self-Publishing Podcast a couple of years ago, I went back to the first show, and listened to every episode. By listening to the interviews I learned many techniques for indie-publishing and writing in general. I think every author would benefit from listening.

Simon and I shared a few emails over the last couple of years, but I never thought that I had the sort of compelling story that he often featured on his podcast. Then, recently on his program he asked for people with an interesting journey to self-publishing to send him an email. I decided to let Simon determine if he was interested in my story, and I sent him an email.




That led to more emails and today’s hour long interview. The podcast is scheduled for release on March 24th. I’ve asked Simon to answer a few questions. If he has the time to respond, I’ll add his input to a new blogpost announcing the release, and linking to, the interview.

Local Author Display

I guess it’s only natural for writers to support libraries.

Amy and Victoria with the books of Author Kyle Pratt

Back in September I blogged about finding my novel, A Time to Endure, at my local Chehalis library. When I visited the library to get a picture for that September blogpost, my friend Amy, who works there, checked the database and discovered other libraries in the system had copies of Through Many Fires. This surprised me since I’ve never made an effort to get my novels in any library. I guess I never thought about my books being there, but I was happy when I found out they were.

Several weeks later Amy contacted me and asked if I would donate a copy of each of my novels for a display of local authors at the Chehalis library. Of course, I agreed.

The picture here is from when I delivered the copies of Braving the Storms, Through Many Fires, Titan Encounter and A Time to Endure. I’ll go back, and get a picture of the display, when it is complete.

A Book for Bill

Nearly ten months ago I sold the first copy of Braving the Storms.

Kyle Pratt and Bill Radtke on March 20, 2015 with a check for the unnamed third book.

That was before the book even had a name. I had gone to deliver copies of Through Many Fires and A Time to Endure to my friend, Bill Radtke. I told him he could have them, but he wanted to buy them. That was back on March 20, 2015. As we talked he asked me about the third book in the series.

I told him most of the book had been plotted and I had written about 15,000 words.

Kyle Pratt and Bill Radtke ten months later with Braving the Storms.

As Bill wrote the check for the first two books he said, “I’m going to add extra for the third book.”

I shook my head. “You don’t have to do that. I’ll make sure you get a copy when it is released.”

He insisted on paying me for the unnamed book right then.

I had the good sense to get a picture of him handing me that check and wrote about it here.  

Today, almost ten months later, I’ve completed the 77,000 word, 258 page novel, and delivered his copy of the now named book. Bill, I hope you enjoy your copy of Braving the Storms.