Book Credits

How many people does it take to create a novel?  

Braving the Storms, by Kyle Pratt

Recently I watched X-Men Apocalypse with one of my sons. At the end of the action we waited to see if there were any post-credit scenes (there is). As we watched the endless scroll of credits we discussed how many people were involved in the production of my last novel, Braving the Storms.

Over the next few days I jotted down names of people who either worked for me on the novel, or volunteered their time. I hope I didn’t forget to include someone on the list below.

Author:                 Kyle Pratt

Editor:                  Barbara Blakey

Copy Editor:         Joyce Scott

Line Editor:           Lorraine Pratt

Cover Design:       Micah Hansen

Critique Group:     Robert Hansen

                               Debby Lee

                               Kristie Kandoll

                               Carolyn Bickel

eBook Format:       Amit Dey

Audiobook:            Kevin Pierce

Beta Reader:          William Childress

Office Manager:      Lorraine Pratt

Accounting:            Robert Pratt, CPA

Legal:                      Christopher Vandenberg, JD

This doesn’t include people working for distributors such as, Amazon, Nook and iTunes, or the numerous bloggers and reviewers that I speak with on a regular basis.

While my list isn’t nearly as long as the movie credits, it still includes a lot of people, and I’m grateful to every one of them.

Backdoor Book Festival

Backdoor Survival has featured my books before.

This month, Backdoor Survival, one of the top survival and prepping websites, featured my latest novel, Braving the Storms, and they’ve highlighted my books before.

In early 2014, Through Many Fires had begun to sell and I knew that if I found bloggers and reviewers willing to read my book, I could reach an even wider audience. At the time I still taught in Alaska, and wrote in my spare time.

I sent an email to Gaye Levy, founder and editor of Backdoor Survival, and she agreed to read Through Many Fires. Gaye featured the novel in the Backdoor Survival Spring 2014 book festival. With help from her, Through Many Fires reached that wider audience. In 2015, Gaye featured my novel A Time to Endure, in another website book festival

Book Festival and Giveaway

My debt to Gaye continues to grow. Earlier this week in her eleventh online book festival, Backdoor Survival featured Braving the Storms. Along with the review there is an interview with me, and a chance to win one of ten copies of Braving the Storms. The winners can choose their format: print book, eBook, or audiobook.

So, click here to go straight to the Braving the Storms page at Backdoor Survival, read the interview, and enter.

Review Milestones

As 2016 begins two of my books have reached milestones.

If a reader enjoys one of my stories, I certainly encourage them to write a review. As I mention at the end of many of my books, “the more favorable reviews a book has, the better it sells.” In part, this is because when readers peruse books on a site like Amazon they often assume that the first few reviews are from friends and family. While that depends on the author (I don’t solicit reviews from friends or relatives) readers put more trust in the star ranking as the number of reviews increases.

Composite picture of the Through Many Fires page on Amazon.com

Therefore, as an author, I want lots and lots of good reviews and, overtime, I have received them. Two of my novels recently achieved review milestones on Amazon.

Through Many Fires, the first book in the Strengthen What Remains series, reached 200 reviews in September of 2014 and today achieved review number 300, and a 4.4 star ranking.

Composite picture of the A Time to Endure page on Amazon.com

Released just over a year ago, A Time to Endure, book two in the Strengthen What Remains series, now has 60 reviews on Amazon, and a 4.6 star ranking.

Thank you, my readers, for those excellent numbers.

A Great Complement

The editor of Backdoor Survival compares A Time to Endure to Patriots.

It amazes me how often events in life come in pairs. A few days ago I discovered that New York Times best-selling author, and the editor of SurvivalBlog, James Wesley Rawles recommended my novel, Through Many Fires.

A Time to Endure, by Kyle Pratt and Patriots, by James Wesley Rawles

Then Gaye Levy, editor of Backdoor Survival, one of the top survival and preparedness websites, reviewed A Time to Endure, the sequel to Through Many Fires and compared it favorably to Patriots, the first of a five book series, by Rawles. While the series as a whole has been well received the first novel, Patriots, has achieved a cult-like following in the prepper community.

A Time to Endure Compares to Patriots

In the review she states, “Halfway through (A Time to Endure) a lightbulb went off in my head. The...lessons I was learning not only rivaled those in Rawles’ Patriots, but they were kinder, gentler and less militaristic, in nature.” She goes on to say, “Whether you are new to the genre and to prepping, or an old pro like me, consider adding this book to your collection. You will not be disappointed.”

I’m grateful for the review and humbled by the comparison. 

How Did I Miss This?

I regularly visit SurvivalBlog, but somehow I missed this.

For many years SurvivalBlog was the top site among preppers. While the blog has fallen to fourth place in the rankings recently, the editor, James Wesley Rawles, remains the best known writer in the prepping field. He is also the New York Times best-selling author of the Patriots Novels.

While I don’t visit the site every day, I do consider myself a regular reader. So, I don’t know how I missed it when Mr. Rawles recently recommended my book, Through Many Fires, Strengthen What Remains.

Thank you, Mr. Rawles!

Preparedness Books Blog Tour

What would happen to you if a disaster were to strike tomorrow?

That is the opening question on the Survivor Jane website and it is a question all of us should be able to answer, but many of us can’t.

SurvivorJane.com was originally created for women or as Jane describes it, “girly-girls who were a lot like me not too long ago,” The site has since branched out to women in all walks of life as well as men, but Survivor Jane remains the number one survival preparedness website for women. Jane is also an author and appeared on Doomsday Preppers in season 4.

However, the reason I’m writing about the site is because my books have been featured on the website, both in December of last year and just days ago.

In December Through Many Fires was featured with a synopsis of the book and a bio on me. Then, this month, A Time to Endure received the same.

I’ve enjoyed working with Jane and look forward to doing so when the third book in the series is released.

200 Reviews!

Through Many Fires earned review number 200 on Amazon.

A reader named David left review number 200 on Sunday. The 5-star review for Through Many Fires said the book was “very entertaining” and the characters were likable. He also hoped that the book was not our future. Well, that is exactly the reaction I was hoping to achieve.

Through Many Fires has been well-received with comments like, “The book hooked me with the first chapter.” I’m thrilled that 176 of the 200 reviews are 4 or 5 star.

David went on say that he was waiting for the sequel. Well, David, you don’t have long to wait. The next book in the series, titled A Time to Endure, will be released on December 12th and the pre-order page will be up on Amazon this month.

More on Backdoor Survival

Through Many Fires is featured in Backdoor Survival’s fifth Book Festival

About two weeks ago the website Backdoor Survival, one of the top five survival and prepping websites, announced that Through Many Fires would was selected to be part of their Spring 2014 Book Festival. Today, as part of the ongoing event my novel was featured. The editor also interviewed me and asked about upcoming books.

I’m pleased to be a part of their survival book festival which, in the past, has featured a number of bestselling books in the post-apocalyptic genre including, Expatriates, by James Wesley Rawles, and Apocalypse Drift by Joe Nobody and The Long Road, by G. Michael Hopf.

As part of the book festival promotion I’m offering ten copies of Through Many Fires. Winners can choose either paperback, audiobook or ebook format.

I encourage everyone to peruse the site, read the interview, and if you don’t own a copy of Through Many Fires to register for a chance to win.

Review 100

Through Many Fires, my latest novel, received its 100th 5-star review today.

I am thrilled with the praise readers have showered upon the book.  One recent review compared Through Many Fires to the New York Times bestselling novel Patriots, saying, “If you enjoyed James Wesley, Rawles ‘Patriots’ you will most likely love this….”  Douglas Skinner the 100th 5-star reviewer said, “I found this story to be a very good read with well developed character relationships. The story was also very believable.”

Through Many Fires continues to sell well and now has 168 reviews with 147 4-star or above. It is time to celebrate!  

Backdoor Survival Book Festival

Through Many Fires is being featured in Backdoor Survival’s fifth Book Festival

I didn’t plan it this way, but for the second time this month Through Many Fires has been featured on a prepping and survival website. This time the novel is part of Backdoor Survival’s book festival. Backdoor Survival is one of the top five prepping and survival websites. I’m pleased to be a part of this ongoing survival book festival which, in the past, has featured a number of bestselling books in the post-apocalyptic genre including, Expatriates, by James Wesley Rawles, and Apocalypse Drift by Joe Nobody and The Long Road, by G. Michael Hopf.

As part of the book festival promotion I’m offering ten copies of Through Many Fires. Winners can choose either paperback, audiobook or ebook format.

Since the book festival is ongoing I don’t know all the details yet, but I encourage anyone interested in survival and prepping or who hasn’t yet bought Through Many Fires to visit BackdoorSurvival.com for a chance to win a copy. I’ll write more about the book festival as it goes on.