How to be an APE

An introduction to a career as an Author, Publisher and Entrepreneur

Kyle Pratt speaking to the Lewis County Writers Guild

In one of his recent books, author and venture capitalist, Guy Kawasaki, characterized writing in the modern digital age as becoming an APE, an Author, Publisher and Entrepreneur. After reading his book, titled APE, I concluded I already did the things he described. Since I liked the acronym I’ve continued to use it.

Kyle Pratt speaking to the Lewis County Writers Guild

So, when the Lewis County Writers Guild asked me to speak at their recent meeting I titled the talk, How to be an APE.

This is how the meeting was described on the guild’s Facebook page;  

You’ve finished the book, now how do you get it into the hands of readers without spending a fortune? It’s a matter of distribution and marketing. There are ways to distribute your book around the world without spending a penny. Marketing will cost, but it doesn’t have to cost much. In this introduction we’ll examine low cost ways to do both.

As you can see from that description much of the time was spent discussing how to market a book without going broke. This is a continuing problem for indie and hybrid APEs.