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I’m always trying new ways to reach readers.

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Adrian, one of my readers, informed me a download link for the audiobook Final Duty didn’t work. That started a chain of events that hasn’t yet ended. However, in the next couple of weeks, the Final Duty audiobook will be in much wider distribution. Check out the graphic for just some of the places you’ll be able to buy it.

With wider distribution, I’m hoping to keep the price low, but that leads to a problem. With audiobooks, authors can suggest prices, but they don’t have direct control as they do with ebooks. Also, I want to give the Final Duty audiobook away to readers of my newsletter. That’s difficult to manage because if the audiobook is given away the host site doesn’t make any money. I’m still working on that part.

Click to buy on Amazon.

Click to buy on Amazon.

In related news, by the end of the year, the ebook version of Race to Refuge and Final Duty will go into wide distribution. For more than a year, these two ebooks have only been available on Amazon, however, they will soon be offered on Nook, Kobo, Google Play, Draft2Digital, and other sites.

If you think another of my books needs to be in wider distribution let me know in the comments section.

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Race to Refuge Available for Pre-order

My first book of 2019 is available now!

Pundits say that the second-best promotion an author can have is finishing their next book. Well, the graphic design and editing of Race to Refuge flew by and my first release of 2019 is now available for pre-order for only 99 cents.

I’ve agreed to give Amazon the exclusive right to sell the book for ninety days. After that, I plan to offer the book on all the major platforms.

In Race to Refuge, college student Ryan Palmer wakes up to his girlfriend Amy pounding on the door. She snaps on the television and he learns that the tense world situation is spiraling toward war. As the news grows worse, they decide to bugout of Seattle and go to his parent’s home in Idaho. But panic buying makes finding gasoline impossible and chaos soon follows.

The best promotion an author can have is readers that tell other readers. Please, click on the book cover and order Race to Refuge and, when you’re done reading, please leave a review!

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To receive a weekly digest of blogposts delivered to your inbox click Follow me

Now in Walmart eBooks

My books are in the Walmart online bookstore.

Walmart has partnered with the Canadian company Kobo, a worldwide seller of ebooks and ereaders. Frequently, my ebook sales are higher on Kobo than Amazon in several countries, Canada and Japan in particular.


This isn’t surprising since Kobo is owned by Japanese e-commerce giant Rakuten. However, Kobo is more than a two-country company. Wired magazine has called Kobo the “only global competitor to Amazon,” in the ebook market. I welcome this new partnership and the competition it will provide to Amazon.

I checked and my Kobo books, Through Many Fires, A Time to Endure, Braving the Storms, and others are now on the Walmart bookstore.

Kobo ereaders are already available in Walmart stores. There are rumors in the industry that Walmart and Kobo are working on a reading program similar to Kindle Unlimited. Walmart is also rumored to be working on another streaming service in addition to Vudu. If Walmart and Kobo could come together and create their own version of Amazon Prime it could be a win for both readers and publishers.

I remain watchful and hopeful.

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To receive a weekly digest of blogposts delivered to your inbox click Follow me

Smart Summer Sci-Fi Giveaway

Fifty free ebooks to download is a good thing.

But this is the last few days that the Smart Summer Sci-Fi giveaway will be available. There are over fifty (50) ebooks for your Kindle, Nook or Kobo ereader, from Niel Bushnell, M.G. Herron, Patty Jansen, and M Pax. Also, in the giveaway is my novel, Seekers of Earth. But if you want to download them you better act now. Check it out by clicking on the image on here!

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The Authors Kyle Pratt

There are two authors named Kyle Pratt

My wife received a call today from someone wanting to talk to Kyle Pratt, the author of The Scary Snow Day. Confused, she told them that, while Kyle Pratt is an author, The Scary Snow Day was not one of his books.

Apparently, the name issue is confusing others who look at Scary Snow Day and then my books.

When I got home she told me about the call and my son looked up the title on Amazon. It seems Kyle Derby Pratt is the author of The Scary Snow Day. My full name is Kyle Douglas Pratt so; we are both Kyle D. Pratt.

We looked for Kyle Derby’s profile on Amazon but didn’t find one. My wife bought The Scary Snow Day, a children’s book, and while I attended my second meeting of the day, she read and enjoyed the story. That evening I read it. While the story is certainly not my genre the author has talent.

I’ve always thought of my name as rather uncommon but, in 2005, Jodie Foster played a character named Kyle Pratt in the movie Flightplan. Before that movie, I never thought of Kyle as a girl’s name. Then, in 2014, while working in Alaska, I meet another Kyle Pratt. Imagine meeting someone with your name while in a remote Alaskan village. In addition to our name we had several other weird coincidences. So, perhaps my name isn’t as uncommon as I thought.   

Still, it would be fun to meet Kyle Derby Pratt. Maybe we could have a picture taken with each of us holding one of our books. Kyle, if you read this, send me an email.     

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Digital Crime

I had to deal with a crime a few days ago.

I’ve done well as a writer. Every year I sell more books than the previous year, but I’m still small enough to know all of my online book distributors, Amazon, Nook, Kobo, Google Play, iTunes and a few more. So, when I received word that my novel Through Many Fires was available on Behance.net I was immediately suspicious.

I checked the pages on Behance. The price was wrong and the description was an old one used for a sale more than a year ago. Clearly the website was not legitimate. So, I did a Whois search and found the Behance.net is owned by Adobe Systems. I couldn’t imagine why Adobe would be selling illegal copies of my book. Further checking revealed that someone created a shop on the website to sell books they didn’t own.

I'm thrilled that people share my stories with friends. That is not a problem, the issue is when someone steals my work and profits from my labor. Several sites in China sell my books and there is little I can do about it, but Behance is here in the United States.

So, for the first time since I went into the publishing business, I filed a Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) Takedown request with Adobe Systems, to remove content, and Google, to remove search results from the web. That took less than thirty minutes. Because I figured it couldn’t be that easy I emailed my lawyer asking him to be ready.

I’ve got to admit that I was surprised. Adobe advised me the next day that the site had been removed from Behance, and a few hours later Google told me that the pages were no longer in its search results.

Now, if I could only get the Chinese sites removed that easily. 

Halloween Special

Scary things are a natural part of Halloween. So, my contribution to this frightening time is to make the ebook edition of Through Many Fires available to more people. Now and through the end of Halloween, Through Many Fires is available for 99 cents.

We started yesterday with a Bookbub deal running in the United States, Canada, Australia, India and the United Kingdom. We continued today with ebooksoda, one of the larger British ebook marketers. After that we’ll be working with other marketers in the United States such as, Fussy Librarian, Reading Deals, EReader News and others.

All of this effort is to let everyone know that, if you’ve never read it, now is the time to turn the lights low, download Through Many Fires, and delve into America after nuclear terrorism.

Nightmare Novelette

My latest release can best be described as a “sidequel.”

Sidequel isn’t a real word, not yet anyway, but it’s the best way to describe Nightmare in Slow Motion, my just released 12,000 word novelette in the Strengthen What Remains series. This story unfolds at the same time, or alongside, the first chapters of Through Many Fires.

Nightmare in Slow Motion by Kyle Pratt

Peter Westmore is the older brother of Caden and a police officer helping with the evacuation of Seattle when terrorists explode a nuclear bomb. In my novel A Time to Endure we glimpse the end of Peter’s life. In that novel his brother Caden is on a mission to destroy gangs and terrorists living on the fringe of the Seattle blast zone. During the fighting, Caden goes to his older brother’s abandoned home and discovers Peter’s body and two letters. The contents of one are revealed in A Time to Endure. The other is not. Nightmare in Slow Motions fills in the blanks of Peter’s last days.

Nightmare in Slow is Motion available in ebook format on Amazon, Nook, Kobo, Google Play, and Smashwords.

Now on Google Play

All of my novels are now available on Google Play.

The Google Play app has been downloaded over one billion times around the world from the United States to Uzbekistan and sixty-three other countries. If you’re using an Android phone you can now buy all my novels using the app. Although I expect to have greater sales with more traditional book sellers, such as Amazon, by sheer numbers Google Play is the world's largest ebook store, with over 5 million titles available.

Countries where the Google Play store is available.

Titan Encounter, my first book was released in August of 2012 on Kindle only. The first few months I was thrilled when I sold more than one book a day. However, sales gradually increased and in July of 2013, Titan Encounter came out in paperback. The next month Through Many Fires was released simultaneously on Kindle and in paperback. Sales of the book started strong and skyrocketed, approaching 100 sales a day in September of 2013. The Through Many Fires audiobook came out later that month.

In early 2014 I had four books available worldwide on Amazon, Nook and Kobo. In May of that year I retired from teaching. The sales distribution network has continued to grow with the addition of Smashwords, Scribd, and Baker & Taylor. Google Play is an exciting new step forward in that process.

Amazon Amuses

All I can do is smile when Amazon tries to sell me one my own books.

This happens more often than you might think. Every few days I go and check each of my books to see if there are new reviews and to ensure everything on the page is correct and working. Usually, I’m on the page for less than a minute, but Amazon takes this as interest in the book.

So, about once a month I get an email trying to sell me one or more of my paperbacks, ebooks or audiobooks. I have no idea why Amazon thought I might want the middle book.

On Special in Britain

The ebook version of my debut science fiction novel, Titan Encounter, is on sale in Britain.

Actually the ebook is on sale in the United States also, but we are promoting it using a new service called  eBookSoda.com. While they promote books worldwide I noticed that they are based in Britain and list prices for books in British Pounds and Euros as well as dollars. In the past I’ve used BookSends (formally BookBlast) to promote my books in the United States, but now I’ll add eBookSoda for wider distribution.

Visit either website, or both, to sign up and receive a daily email of free and discounted ebooks in the genres you like to read.

Final Duty Free

Final Duty has been redesigned, retitled, re-priced and re-released.

The new title is Final Duty – The Speculative Fiction Anthology. The new book contains everything the old one had, including the title novella Final Duty and the short stories Infinite Darkness and The Promise. However, I’ve added lengthy excerpts from both of my novels, Through Many Fires and Titan Encounter. As future writing projects are completed, I plan to add excerpts of them to this book.

The lowest price an author can set on Amazon is 99 cents, but I want the book to be free for my readers so, I’m giving away the book on Smashwords and Google Play. Amazon is currently matching that price, making it free on their site also and, I expect, Nook and iTunes to soon follow.

So if you’ve been thinking about reading some of my work, but haven’t done so yet, now you can do for free.

Now on Kobo

All my books are now available on Kobo

Most Americans have never heard of Kobo and with only 3% of the ereader market in the United States that is not surprising, but globally the Kobo ereader is the second most common, behind only Kindle.

 Just across the border in Canada, Kobo dominates with 46% of the ereader market. Kindle has just over 20%. This dominance continues in countries like Japan and France where Kobo has the majority of the ereader market.

Kobo has a presence in over 180 more countries and now, I’m proud to say, you can buy my books on any Kobo ereader worldwide.

Now on Nook!

It took longer than I thought it would, but Through Many Fires, is now available on Nook.

Through Many Fires was released in August on Amazon in both Paperback and Kindle format. It was the first of my books to have a simultaneous release. The paperback was soon picked up by Barnes & Noble, but it did not appear on the Nook site until today. You can now buy Through Many Fires on most online retail outlets including Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Audible.com. Click here for the complete list.  

In the coming weeks the novel should also be available on the iTunes bookstore and Kobo.

The Best Laid Plans

Events in October did not move as quickly as I hoped. A few projects went well, but most will take more time. Here is the rundown.

The audiobook version of Through Many Fires is now available. I expected it to be released in October but it didn’t become available until two days ago. Still, I am happy that it is on the market.

All of my books are now available on Smashwords, the leading distributor of indie author books and they will be handling U.S. and international distribution outside of the Amazon network. However, I thought all of my books would be distributed via Smashwords to Barnes & Noble Nook and Kobo ereaders in October. It now appears they will roll out during November.

I didn’t plan to release my books on Google Play this month, but when my youngest son mentioned it we checked it out. Both Titan Encounter and Through Many Fires are now available on Google Play. Final Duty should be available soon.

Click here for more information about any of my books.   

So it is clear now that many of the projects that began in October will culminate in November and then I can devote more time to writing the sequel to Through Many Fires.