Growing Reach

I received a surprising email recently.

Since I started, I’ve felt that the best way to promote and sell my books was online. While I’m thrilled when it occurs, I put little effort into getting them into stores and libraries. Still, over time, they have appeared in several brick and mortar establishments like the Strand in New York City, Powell’s in Portland, and my local store, Book N Brush.

So, perhaps I shouldn’t have been surprised when my friend and fellow author Jennifer Vandenberg sent me these pictures. She was visiting the local Chehalis library and found the book just as you see it in the picture.

I went to the library the next day and talked with the only person I know working there, Amy Flugel. She checked the catalog and informed me the regional library system three copies of A Time to Endure, all checked out, and three more of Through Many Fires at other libraries.

So, thanks to someone in the Timberland Regional Library system, the reach of my books continues to grow.

The Strand

“Really good,” that’s the way Gabriel, a reader described Through Many Fires in an email a few days ago. I enjoy hearing from readers and it always brings a smile to my face when they tell me they enjoy one of my books, but Gabriel said something else that really piqued my interest.

He said he bought my book at a popular independent bookstore in New York City. Through Many Fires has been selling well on Kindle, iTunes, Nook and Kobo. The paperback version has been selling well online, but Book 'N' Brush was the only bookstore I knew that was carrying it. I had to know more, so I wrote back asking for the name of the store.

Later that day I got another email from Gabriel saying it was the Strand, a well-known independent bookstore at the corner of Broadway and East 12th Street in the East Village neighborhood of Manhattan in New York City.

I always knew that the hardest marketing job would be getting my books into the physical bookstores. It’s nice to know that a big independent bookstore, like Strand, is stocking my book.

In the Local Bookstore

My Local bookstore now carries Through Many Fires!

Lorraine in Book N Brush

You can now find my latest novel, Through Many Fires, at Book N Brush, on Market Boulevard in Chehalis.  

One of the biggest problems for independent writers is getting their books stocked in bookstores. The reasons are space and profit. Amazon and other online outlets have unlimited space and can therefore carry countless books. A community bookstore has limited space and must be selective. Also, more and more people are shopping for books online. This cuts into profits for local bookstores. When profits are slim, the willingness to take a risk on an unknown independent author falters.

I’m thrilled Book N Brush was willing to stock my newest book, Through Many Fires and  as a writer, a member of the community and a bibliophile, I urge everyone in the community to support this locally owned independent bookstore.