Books are in the Mail

Last night I sat at the dining room table and signed books.

Earlier, I had made a list of 39 people that would be receiving one, or more, of me novels. When all the books came from the printer on the same day I decided to just sit down, sign and mail them all.

Kyle Pratt signing books

Twenty copies of Through Many Fires and Titan Encounter were going to winners of two contests I conducted. Other books were going to people who helped create them, such as Micah Hansen, who designs the covers, my editor Barbara Blakey, and beta reader William Childress. Many copies of A Time to Endure were heading for bloggers I've worked with in the past, reviewers, critique partners, and friends. 

Most of the books were going to places in the United States, but some were going to Canada, Australia and the United Kingdom. I spent a good half-hour this morning getting to know the postal clerks in Napavine.

So, if I told you that a book was coming your way, I can truthfully say, it’s in the mail.

Made My Day

Spring is a hard time for teachers. The students are tired and sense that summer is coming. Teachers are also tired and are counting the days till summer.

Kyle Pratt holds a copy of his book, Through Many Fires, sent to him for an autograph

Yesterday, after a long spring day of inattentive, restless, students the school secretary, Loni, brought me a torn cardboard mailer. It was addressed to my personal mailbox, but delivered to the school. This often happens in the village, but this time I didn’t recognize the return address.

Puzzled, I reached in and tore it the rest of the way open. Out came a copy of my book Through Many Fires. Loni stood there puzzled as I read the letter and a smile grew on my face. I’m still a relatively unknown author and don’t get that much fan mail. “It’s from one of my readers.” I said. “I put instructions on my website for anyone who wants me to autograph their book.” Holding up the paperback I added, “He’s the first.”

Loni took a picture while I was still smiling and then I went home with a better feeling about the whole world.