Jennifer on Character Creation

Unlike many authors, Jennifer is an extrovert.

Author Jennifer Vandenberg works the crowd.

She denies it, but at a recent character creation workshop, I watched her work the room like a professional speaker. She listed fifty traits on the whiteboard. These ranged from age, gender and height to hobbies, hometown and favorite holiday. Then she went around the audience asking them what that attribute should be. After doing that for two characters she guided the group into basic plotting using the man and women they created.

Author Jennifer Vandenberg on character creation

Everyone laughed and learned as we created zany characters and plots in one, very brief, hour.

Besides being an excellent speaker and writer Jennifer Vandenberg describes herself as geology student, National Park ranger, secretary, tax preparer, swim instructor, school aide, library assistant, children's bookseller, merchandise supervisor, property curator, volunteer, farmer, and blogger. That resume sounds like it comes from an extrovert.

No matter what she says she is, I recommend her books and workshops.