That’s Deplorable

YouTube had restricted access to a video called, The Ten Commandments: What you should know. That’s what the article by Dennis Prager, the creator of the video declared.

Dennis Prager and The Ten Commandments: What You Should Know

Dennis Prager and The Ten Commandments: What You Should Know

I did some checking. He’s right. Don’t misunderstand me; you can still watch the video unless you’ve activated the YouTube restricted mode. The restricted mode prevents viewing of pornography, violence, and obscenity. I didn’t even know there was such a mode before this.

But why would YouTube classify a video on the Ten Commandments as pornography, violence or obscenity? Well, there is that one commandment that teaches, “You shall not murder.”

Violence? Really? I shook my head in disbelief and then subscribed to Dennis Prager’s YouTube channel.

Even a casual perusal of YouTube will reveal a host of rampant violence, misogyny, obscenity and more. As I thought about all these fact I decided to write about it, but before I could, I heard about the movie, The Hunt.

The original title of this waste of money, time, and film was, “Red State vs. Blue State.” In the movie, wealthy thrill-seekers fly to a resort where they hunt and kill people they describe as “deplorables,” the same term Hilary Clinton used to describe Trump supporters.


I thought ultra-rich Hollywood liberals were concerned about guns and violence. Apparently, I was wrong. Even with all the recent shootings this movie is still scheduled for release in September.

But if YouTube found the Ten Commandments violent surely they wouldn’t allow the trailer for such a movie to stain their site. Again, I shook my head in disbelief.

If you really want too, you can see the trailer on YouTube here.

The credits at the end of any movie seem to go on forever with list after list of producers, investors and production staff. Imagine that for The Hunt. How could Universal Pictures, Hilary Swank, Jason Blum, and all the others involved, believe that pouring eighteen million dollars into this toilet, and tying their name to it, would be a good idea? But then what do I know, this deplorable movie might win an Academy Award. 

So, I have two takeaways from all of this. First, YouTube thinks it needs to protect me from the Ten Commandments, but thinks The Hunt is just peachy. Second, Hollywood liberals believe guns are bad except when they are pointed at red state deplorables. Sadly, that’s the country we now live in.

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