A box from Amazon

I often receive boxes in the mail, but this package was unusual.

Kyle Pratt with a large but light box from Amazon

Because I live in the country shopping online is often more convenient than going to a store. So, it wasn’t unusual when the doorbell rang and the postwoman handed me a box from Amazon.

I turned to my wife and said, “I don’t remember ordering anything this big or this light weight. Did you order something?”

She shook her head.

A large but nearly empty box.

When I opened the box brown paper was all I saw. I pulled it out. The box appeared empty, but it wasn’t. There, on the bottom, was a tiny white box.

Kyle Pratt with the single battery from the box

What had I ordered that would fit inside that box? This reminded me of the matryoshka Russian nesting dolls. When I opened I saw that it was a battery for a drone I ordered. When I placed the order I added an extra battery. Amazon shipped that separately—and in a much bigger box than needed.

When the drone arrives I’ll take some pictures with and of it.