A New Website Feature

I want to stay in touch with you, my readers.

I try to find ways that make it easy for you to know what I’m doing. All the important announcements about my books, and other news and trivia about my writing and life go in my blog. However, I understand that most people don’t have the time to visit a blog on a routine basis.

I don’t want to spam you with unwanted emails so, if you’re interested in receiving this once-a-week digest, you must sign-up. It’s easy, here is how to do it.

For new subscribers

If you’re not subscribed to my mailing list, but want to receive this once-a-week digest in your inbox simply go to the Contents or Contact page and sign up for, “A weekly email of new blog posts.” At the same time you can also sign up to be notified when a new book is release and to receive the monthly newsletter. 

For newsletter subscribers

Click on “update subscription preferences,” at the bottom of any newsletter you’ve received from me. This will take you to the appropriate page to add the weekly email digest to your preferences. 

If you’re not interested

Do nothing. As I mentioned above, I don’t want to spam you with unwanted emails. This is only for those who are interested and sign up.