Now on Google Play

All of my novels are now available on Google Play.

The Google Play app has been downloaded over one billion times around the world from the United States to Uzbekistan and sixty-three other countries. If you’re using an Android phone you can now buy all my novels using the app. Although I expect to have greater sales with more traditional book sellers, such as Amazon, by sheer numbers Google Play is the world's largest ebook store, with over 5 million titles available.

Countries where the Google Play store is available.

Titan Encounter, my first book was released in August of 2012 on Kindle only. The first few months I was thrilled when I sold more than one book a day. However, sales gradually increased and in July of 2013, Titan Encounter came out in paperback. The next month Through Many Fires was released simultaneously on Kindle and in paperback. Sales of the book started strong and skyrocketed, approaching 100 sales a day in September of 2013. The Through Many Fires audiobook came out later that month.

In early 2014 I had four books available worldwide on Amazon, Nook and Kobo. In May of that year I retired from teaching. The sales distribution network has continued to grow with the addition of Smashwords, Scribd, and Baker & Taylor. Google Play is an exciting new step forward in that process.

The Best Laid Plans

Events in October did not move as quickly as I hoped. A few projects went well, but most will take more time. Here is the rundown.

The audiobook version of Through Many Fires is now available. I expected it to be released in October but it didn’t become available until two days ago. Still, I am happy that it is on the market.

All of my books are now available on Smashwords, the leading distributor of indie author books and they will be handling U.S. and international distribution outside of the Amazon network. However, I thought all of my books would be distributed via Smashwords to Barnes & Noble Nook and Kobo ereaders in October. It now appears they will roll out during November.

I didn’t plan to release my books on Google Play this month, but when my youngest son mentioned it we checked it out. Both Titan Encounter and Through Many Fires are now available on Google Play. Final Duty should be available soon.

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So it is clear now that many of the projects that began in October will culminate in November and then I can devote more time to writing the sequel to Through Many Fires.