Halloween and Me

It doesn’t matter how cold or snowy it is on that night, Halloween is a big event in the village.

Kyle Pratt - This is my costume

People don’t usually decorate their homes, but every child gets dressed up, even many of the parents.  One of the nice things about living in bush Alaska is that it is safe.  Kids can just be kids, get dressed up and run from house to house getting candy.  When you live in a remote village of 300 people, everyone knows everyone else and they watch out for the little ones.  Older teens find it hard to ignore a crying kid when their older brother or sister is in their class.     

If you need to talk to someone that night don’t go looking for them.  Just wait at home and they will probably come by with their children or grandchildren.


I had stopped observing Halloween until I came to Eek, Alaska, as a teacher.  Here it is such a big event that gradually I’m getting more involved.  As this picture from a few years ago shows, I don’t really get dressed up.  I wore this costume three years in a row and then the kids nagged me to change.  I’ll post a picture of my next costume tomorrow.  Lorraine brought costumes for us this year when she came up and has ordered me to wear it.  If anyone can get me to put on a costume, Lorraine can.