Working on the Bucket List

Kyle Pratt with ham radio mentors Lorin and Veda Moline

In a blogpost titled Bucket List, I mentioned that I was studying to get my amateur radio or “ham” license. Well, I’m still studying the book and working with my mentor Lorin Moline and his wife Veda. I know I could have worked both harder and faster and been done already, but with writing deadlines and life in general, I thought it best to take it slowly. Lorin and Veda have been both understanding and encouraging.

Earlier this week I attended my first meeting of the Chehalis Valley Amateur Radio Society. I got a chance to meet several of the members and hear an interesting talk on 3D printing. Amateur radio enthusiasts are using the technology to make many parts for their radios, antennas and ham shacks.

I’m looking forward to taking the test soon, becoming more involved with hams here, and around the world.  

Bucket Item

Soon I’ll be checking one thing off my bucket list.

All my life I’ve been interested in radios. I’ve owned a shortwave radio since my teen years, and listened to broadcasts from around the world. I worked on the college radio station, and then moved on to communications in the navy. I always intended to get my amateur radio “ham” license, but I never did.

Today, I took the first step toward changing that. I’ve started taking classes with a group sponsored by my church. If I pass, I’ll have my technician class license in about two months, and will check that item off my bucket list.

I’ll update you along the way.