After a hiatus

One thing I enjoy about the Matrix is the different types of writers.

After a brief hiatus for an anniversary celebration, music and other summer events, the Lewis County Writers Guild is back meeting at the Matrix Coffeehouse.

That is where you will find me most Friday evenings. While writers regularly meet at my home, larger groups are easier at the Matrix. Also, more varieties of food and (non-alcoholic) drinks are available. However, the thing I enjoy most is the wide variety of writers that attend. Some are novice writers, others are professional. Most write fiction, but some prefer non-fiction. Many different genres are represented.

However, the motivation that keeps me coming is that we all wish to say something with our writing and so, together, we work to improve our skills. 

At the Fair

Today I spent a couple hours at the Grays Harbor Fairgrounds

It’s fair time once again and I was asked to help judge the writing competition for the Grays Harbor fair. Earlier this year I helped judge the Cascade awards for the Oregon Christian Writers conference. That was fun so, when fellow author Janice Clark asked me to help with fair judging I thought that would be fun also. I was right.

Kyle Pratt and Janice Clark at the Grays Harbor Fair

I made the drive out to Elma this morning and pulled into the fairgrounds. However, I’d never been to this fair before and wasn’t sure where to go, but I happened to park beside Jan and she showed me the way.

The writers ranged in age from about ten to adult. Several were very impressive and it wasn’t easy to selection the winners. I hope they all continue to write.

I’ll be back at the Grays Harbor fair on Wednesday for some meet and greet time.