I Write Like

I often avoid gatherings where writers read from their work. 

I believe in my writing ability. I can draw the reader into the text and soon they hardly notice the words as they flow with the story, but when I read my own words I get nervous, and often stumble. So, I avoid those kinds of get-togethers. However, last night I forgot to check the agenda for the meeting at the Matrix Coffeehouse and went blindly to it. 

When I find myself in those situations I should just go first and get it over. That’s what I should do, but I don’t.

The organizers asked each author to bring a digital copy of their text. They then read from a nearby platform. When each author was done they used the website I Write Like to analyze the selection. Although we humans were stumped the website came back with names like H.P. Lovecraft and Margaret Mitchell.

I enjoyed hearing everyone read their selection and even enjoyed the comparisons from the website.

Ten or eleven people had gone before my name came up. I read from the only thing I had, a paperback copy of Through Many Fires. Although I was nervous and did stumble, I think I read well, at least for me.

Since I didn’t have a digital copy, my text couldn’t be analyzed by the website so, they asked me to do it when I got home.

Okay, everyone here it is…

Kurt Vonnegut

Kurt Vonnegut

I input my selection from Through Many Fires into the I Write Like website and. according to it, I write like Kurt Vonnegut, the author of Slaughterhouse-Five. Wikipedia says his writing is a blend of satire, gallows humor and science fiction.

The amusing thing for me is, I’ve never cared for Vonnegut’s writing.

I decided to test the website and input a selection from Titan Encounter. Now it said I wrote like James Joyce, another great writer that I don’t particularly enjoy. Next I entered the first portion of Final Duty and the website said I write like Arthur C. Clarke.

The third time was a charm.