The Delta Discovery

About ten days ago several of our students here in Eek excitedly told me there was an article about me in The Delta Discovery.

The Delta Discovery is the weekly newspaper in our region of Alaska. I had sent them a press release about the book and later someone from the paper had asked me a few questions so, of course, I wanted to read the article.

Between classes I went to the school office where copies are usually available. There were copies from the previous week, but not the current, August 28, issue that I was supposedly in. Later, a co-worker went to the village store promising to bring me a copy but, when she returned, said all the copies were gone.

Monday evening I flew into Bethel on school business. There, in the regional transportation and business hub, and home of The Delta Discovery, I was confident I would find a copy.

There was none at my hotel. Tuesday, after meetings and training, I stopped by the school district office, but didn’t find any copies. That evening I went grocery shopping (an important thing to do when you get to the big city), but both Swanson’s and AC store, were already selling the next issue. At that point I gave up.

Kyle Pratt finally has his copy!

I was in Bethel until the end of the week. Every day at least two people would ask me if I’d seen the article about me in the Delta Discovery. I’d smile and say, “No, but I’ve heard about it.”

I returned paperless to Eek Friday evening. Saturday morning I went to the school to write lesson plans and prepare for Monday. As I walked in I stopped by the office. There on the floor, literally in the first place I had gone looking, was a bound stack of the August 28th issue of The Delta Discovery. I sat in the secretary’s chair and read the article.

The next day the article about me was posted online. Click here if you want to read it.


In The News

I was interviewed by The Chronicle, my hometown newspaper, earlier this week.

Kyle Pratt in The Chronicle of Lewis county

The reporter, Kyle Spurr, called me the day before I was to leave for Alaska.  It was my first interview and I’ve got to admit I was a bit nervous.  The article appeared in the paper today. 

Just before Through Many Fires was released we sent out press releases to local and regional newspapers.  The Chronicle was the first to respond.  The reporter had read over our press release and so knew all the basic information about the book, but still spent about 20 minutes on the phone asking me questions.  He wanted to know when I first get interested in writing, why I wanted to write about nuclear terrorism and much more.  Click on the image if you would like to read the article.    

I’m glad The Chronicle called me before I traveled north to Alaska.  The interview went well and I’m pleased with the article.